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nohup – invoke a utility immune to hangups

Most of the time you login into remote server via ssh. If you start a shell script or command and you exit (abort remote connection), the process / command will get killed. Sometime job or command takes a long time. If you are not sure when the job will finish, then it is better to leave job running in background. But, if you log out of the system, the job will be stopped and terminated by your shell. What do you do to keep job running in the background when process gets SIGHUP? Say hello to nohup command


nohup [–] utility [arguments]


The nohup utility invokes utility with its arguments and at this time sets the signal SIGHUP to be ignored. If the standard output is a terminal, the standard output is appended to the file nohup.out in the current directory. If standard error is a terminal, it is directed to the same place as the standard output.

Some shells may provide a builtin nohup command which is similar or identical to this utility. Consult the builtin(1) manual page.


The following variables are utilized by nohup:


The nohup utility exits with one of the following values:


Syntax Wise

nohup command-name &
nohup /path/to/command-name arg1 arg2 &


Running sqlplus in background in unix

$ nohup sqlplus USERNAME/password@DBNAME @test.sql &
$ nohup sqlplus USERNAME/password@SCHEMA_NAME @test.sql &
$ nohup sqlplus CAVERSION/password@ATGQA2 @/tmp/myscript.sql &
$ nohup sqlplus MTEPWSTAG/auwbkjdbfij8633@ASDADWH @/export/home/release/DB_Build/WMT_ASDA_DB/Slot_RPT/MTEPWSTAG/Scripts_BEFORE/R18_3_UKGRA-709_mtepwstag_183020.sql &