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Black box exporter POC


- Quering the exporter itself
$ curl 'localhost:9115/metrics'
# HELP blackbox_exporter_build_info A metric with a constant '1' value labeled by version, revision, branch, and goversion from which blackbox_exporter was built.
promhttp_metric_handler_requests_total{code="503"} 0
$ docker \
>   run -p 9115:9115 \
>   --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)"/blackbox.yml,target=/blackbox.yml,readonly \
>   prom/blackbox-exporter \
>   --config.file="/blackbox.yml"
level=info ts=2020-07-27T18:06:49.187Z caller=main.go:212 msg="Starting blackbox_exporter" version="(version=0.17.0, branch=HEAD, revision=1bc768014cf6815f7e9d694e0292e77dd10f3235)"
level=info ts=2020-07-27T18:06:49.187Z caller=main.go:213 msg="Build context" (gogo1.14.4,userroot@626fb3899f41,date20200619-11:54:41)=(MISSING)
level=info ts=2020-07-27T18:06:49.190Z caller=main.go:225 msg="Loaded config file"
level=info ts=2020-07-27T18:06:49.190Z caller=main.go:369 msg="Listening on address" address=:9115

With this command, you told docker to:

Now you can try our new IPv4-using module http_2xx in a terminal:

$ curl 'localhost:9115/probe?'
# HELP probe_dns_lookup_time_seconds Returns the time taken for probe dns lookup in seconds
probe_success 1
# HELP probe_tls_version_info Contains the TLS version used
# TYPE probe_tls_version_info gauge
probe_tls_version_info{version="TLS 1.3"} 1

Run Prometheus on MacOS

$ docker \
>   run -p 9090:9090 \
>   --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)"/prometheus.yml,target=/prometheus.yml,readonly \
>   prom/prometheus \
>   --config.file="/prometheus.yml"
level=info ts=2020-07-27T18:23:09.768Z caller=main.go:302 msg="No time or size retention was set so using the default time retention" duration=15d
level=info ts=2020-07-27T18:23:09.791Z caller=main.go:646 msg="Server is ready to receive web requests."

If everything works fine, you can check the targets at localhost:9090/targets